Herkunft: Fraunhofer IFAM

We from Nanohair develop high performance hair colours that provide a unique long-lasting frizz control for women that suffer from the side effects of the traditional chemical methods.



Kategorie: Neue Materialen & Nanotech

Das Team

Felipe Perez


Die Idee


Hair colouring brings a fundamental problem; the chemical processes damage the hair, making it look more frizzy and unhealthy.


Nanohair offers a double long-lasting solution; it colours and controls the frizzy hair. These effects are permanent between applications (every 1-2 months).


Clients are mostly women that colour their hair in darker shades. We also aim to create a new clientele that looks for non-damaging and non-permanent colouring solutions that solves the frizzy hair.


Nanohair is the only hair dye that also provides a long-term solution for frizzy hair. Our hair dye takes advantage of the thinnest 2D material known to man in order to solve the root causes of frizzy hair.

Unfairer Vorteil

Our advantage is having a patent and years ahead in R&D on the material behind Nanohair, which is the PhD field of the inventor.

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