Current Fraunhofer investments

Our portfolio at a glance


A Fraunhofer IIS spin-off

ambiotex GmbH

ambiotex develops and licenses an innovative high-tech shirt capturing and analyzing the body's vital data with medical precision. The ambiotex shirt analyzes parameters such as the heart rate variability (HRV) and enables the completion of a fitness and stress test. It also determines the individual anaerobic threshold (IAT) replacing a lactate test at the doctor's


A Fraunhofer ILT spin-off

Amphos GmbH

A company founded as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology and the university RWTH Aachen, AMPHOS GmbH manufactures ultrashort pulse laser systems of highest average output power (>> 100 W). Targeted are scientific and industrial applications that ask for a product resulting from the long-term experience with the development of InnoSlab laser systems coupled with an optomechanical design and thermomechanical assembly technology.


A Fraunhofer IZM spin-off

ArtGuardian GmbH

ArtGuardian provides a completely new, permanent monitoring system of artworks to their owners, especially also while the works are not in their owner’s direct possession but for example in an exhibition. The most important customer benefit is in the continuous monitoring of the climatic conditions for the artwork; the system allows for individual configuration and is fully tamper-proof – regardless of where in the world the work is.


A Fraunhofer IDMT spin-off

Audanika GmbH

Audanika develops music applications for mobile end devices. The company's aim is to translate basic principles of music theory into easy-to-understand user interfaces so that they can be played on the musical instrument directly.


A Fraunhofer IWS spin-off

AXO Dresden GmbH

AXO Dresden develops and applies various high-precision deposition techniques for the production of nanometer single- and multilayers showing sub-nanometer precision.


A Fraunhofer IFAM spin-off

Bio-Gate AG

Bio-Gate is a medical engineering company that employs unique silver technology to endow materials and products with antimicrobial properties. The focus of the product portfolio is on medical engineering products. The different technologies are also used to refine cosmetics, consumer goods, and industrial products.


A Fraunhofer IBMT spin-off

BioKryo GmbH

BioKryo GmbH stores valuable biological samples for later diagnostic or therapeutic applications based on a GMP infrastructure and services. It is entitled to store tissue and tissue preparations, blood and cells gained from blood according to Sections 20c and 52a of the Medicinal Products Act.


A Fraunhofer IKTS spin-off

ceragen GmbH

Ceragen GmbH revolutionizes the cost structures of power generation at low watt levels of 100 watts or above. Ceragen is an independent technology company developing, manufacturing, and marketing ceramic generators.


A Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

CFV Solar Test Laboratory Inc.

CFV Solar Test Laboratory is a joint venture of Fraunhofer ISE with CSA Group and Fraunhofer CSE (Boston). CFV offers the testing of PV modules in the laboratory and in the field. Testing is offered for all established technologies (crystalline, thin-film, concentrating) according to corresponding standards or customer requirements.


A Fraunhofer IST spin-off

Condias GmbH

CONDIAS is the technology and quality market leader for the manufacturing and application of diamond-coated electrodes. CONDIAS produces and markets a technology for environment-friendly and effective water treatment. This procedure is based on diamond-coatings that enable completely new electrochemical reactions.


A Fraunhofer IGD spin-off

ConWeaver GmbH

CONWEAVER develops and markets solutions for the dynamic linking of heterogeneous company data across system, process, and language barriers. The unique analysis and integration approach automatically creates data networks from business critical data enabling a completely new dimension of data transparency, reduction of complexity, and therefore of accelerated information transfer.


A Fraunhofer EAS (IIS) spin-off

COSEDA Technologies GmbH

With COSEDA Technologies modern system design, modeling, simulation, and verification methods become efficient and therefore applicable in practice. At the heart of the business model of COSEDA Technologies GmbH is the marketing of the COSIDE® software. It is offered in the form of temporary single-user licenses including support. 


A Fraunhofer SIT spin-off

CoSee GmbH

CoSee develops and markets search and protection solutions for digital media on the internet. Furthermore, general IT services and products with a focus on media, security, research and development are provided. These include for example applications for media or publishing customers in Java, for the web, for Android and iOS for selling and securing audio books, e-books, etc.


A Fraunhofer IAF spin-off

Diamond Materials GmbH

Founded 11 years ago, the company specializes in the preparation and development of microwave plasma reactors for diamond CVD as well as the synthesis of high-purity diamond disks. These are used e.g. as output window and mirror for CO2 high-performance lasers but also as membranes for high-end loudspeaker systems.


A Fraunhofer IPA spin-off

Dispendix GmbH

The aim of Dispendix GmbH is to advance the “Immediate Drop on Demand Technology” (I-DOT), which was developed at Fraunhofer IPA, and to establish it as the gold standard for noncontact dispensing of smallest amounts of liquid.


A Fraunhofer headquarters spin-off


fortiss’s mandate is to facilitate research and technology transfer in software-intensive systems and services, thereby triggering future ready innovation, with a focus on Bavaria. In this role fortiss acts as a technological think tank, bridging the notorious gap between fundamental research in academia and its fruitful implementation in an industrially and commercially feasible context.


A Fraunhofer CSP spin-off

Freeene Second Solar GmbH

Developing and manufacturing thin-film solar modules based on cadmium telluride by applying and advancing a long proven technology is the essential aim of Freeene Second Solar GmbH.


A Fraunhofer UMSICHT spin-off

Greasoline GmbH

The aim of Greasoline GmbH is to establish the greasoline® technology on the market together with industrial partners. The greasoline® process produces, among others, aromatic components for turbine fuels that cannot be achieved by means of competing processes.


A Fraunhofer IPMS spin-off

HiperScan GmbH

HiperScan GmbH specializes in near-infrared (NIR) analysis systems. By means of scanning optical processes, smaller, faster, more cost-efficient, and also innovative analysis devices are produced.


A Fraunhofer ILT spin-off

Inmatech Inc.

Since 2011 Inmatech manufactures super capacitors from high-performance and cost-efficient components for energy storage in industrial applications. Inmatech products are based on a unique cell design enabling a higher energy density and extended cycle life and capacity for batteries in hybrid energy storage systems.


A Fraunhofer IPA spin-off

InnoCyte GmbH

When it comes to the production of biological cells for biotechnical and pharmaceutical research, InnoCyte GmbH is at the scientists' side: With its technology, which has already been filed for patent, the company develops and markets a device family for automated cell cultures.


A Fraunhofer LBF spin-off

ISYS Adaptive Solutions GmbH

Founded in 2007, the company offers comprehensive solutions in the fields of piezo-based special testing technology. Requirements regarding material and component testing that cannot be met by means of conventional testing technology are discussed together with the customer, solution concepts are developed and realized in corresponding test systems.


A Fraunhofer IOF spin-off

JenaValve Technology, Inc.

As an alternative to heart surgery on high-risk patients, the TAVI technology (Transcatheter Aortiv Valve Implantation) established itself over the last decade. Based on this innovation, two professors of Jena University Hospital founded JenaValve Technologies in 2006 to manufacture a new generation of transapical and transfemoral implants.


A Fraunhofer ISI spin-off


Specializing in the implementation of intelligent energy efficiency networks, LEEN GmbH was founded in 2009 as a joint venture of IREES GmbH and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.


A Fraunhofer IIS Nürnberg spin-off

mifitto GmbH

The Duisburg-based company mifitto GmbH is a supplier of innovative solutions for shoe and apparel retailers in distance and store-based retailing enabling individual and custom-fit size recommendations so that returns due to misfitting may be avoided. The technology, a joint development of Fraunhofer IIS, measures the size of the feet and the size of the shoes exactly and matches them.


A Fraunhofer EMFT spin-off

mignos GmbH

When it comes to measuring smallest amounts of liquid, mignos GmbH offers market-leading technology: The company manufactures silicon micro pumps that are particularly suitable for applications such as medical diagnostics and laboratory analytics.


A Fraunhofer IBP-H spin-off

ModulDepot GmbH

ModulDepot GmbH is a company specializing in the conservation of cultural heritage. ModulDepot GmbH developed a conservational depot concept that meets the special requirements of a safe and sustainable storage of works of art and cultural goods and enables the quick, economic, and energy-neutral construction of depot and archive buildings.


A Fraunhofer ISC spin-off

Multiphoton Optics GmbH

Since 2015, Multiphon Optics GmbH produces 3D laser lithography systems such as the LithoProf3D serving the manufacturing of optical packages and biomedical products with precise 3D connections at any position between chips, packages, and PCB.


A Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

NexWafe GmbH

The aim of NexWafe GmbH is to commercialize the technology for manufacturing epitaxic silicon wafers for the solar industry, a Fraunhofer ISE development. As a producer of high-quality and at the same time cost-efficient silicon wafers, NexWafe will contribute to reducing the costs for solar power and for improving the sustainability of solar modules.


A Fraunhofer IMS spin-off

NovioSense B.V.

A revolutionary method for measuring the blood glucose level and doing away with the painful prick in the finger: This is the aim of NovioSense B.V. headquartered in the Netherlands.


A Fraunhofer IME spin-off

Pharmedartis GmbH

Specializing in the bioengineering market, PharmedArtis GmbH was founded in 2004 by experienced researchers as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology in Aachen. The company’s focus is on recombinant technologies and protein production. In addition, PharmedArtis develops innovative biopharmaceuticals against cancer, inflammations, and autoimmune disorders.


A Fraunhofer IVV spin-off

Prolupin GmbH

Prolupin GmbH was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of Fraunhofer IVV to commercialize an innovative and patented procedure for gaining vegetable proteins for food production. In addition to the B2B business, in the B2C sector own products with a unique lupine protein isolate (LPI) from the native blue sweet lupine are marketed since 2015 under the umbrella brand of MADE WITH LUVE.


A Fraunhofer ITEM spin-off

RESprotect GmbH

Dresden-based RESprotect GmbH is a bioengineering company committed to the development of pharmaceuticals for preventing and treating chemotherapeutical drug resistance and radiotherapy resistance.


A Fraunhofer SCAI spin-off

scapos AG

Since its formation in 2009, scapos AG offers support to research establishments and SMEs for selling their software products. The company has access to a worldwide network of sales partners providing for the opportunity to market innovative solutions developed by their partners also in growth markets such as Asia.


A Fraunhofer IPK spin-off

Scopis GmbH

With activities in more than 50 countries, Scopis® GmbH develops and produces surgical planning and navigation systems for ENT, OM, neuro, and spinal surgery such as Scopis Target Guided Surgery (TGS®). With this solution for navigated endoscopic surgeries, surgeons are provided with advanced possibilities for image tracking and visualization.


A Fraunhofer IMWS spin-off

SmartMembranes GmbH

SmartMembranes is the leading manufacturer worldwide of nano- and macro-porous highly structured membranes from aluminum oxide with defined adjustable membrane properties and structure parameters. The company does not only produce the materials according to customer requirements but also develops new processes and products relating to the core business.


A Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

SolarSpring GmbH

SolarSpring GmbH develops and produces pure water systems from clean materials. Thermal energy, photovoltaic (PV) energy, and energy gained from waste heat is used to promote water purification technologies such as membrane distillation and UV disinfection. The company's know how focuses on water purification systems operating based on discontinuous or minor energy sources.


A Fraunhofer IWMS spin-off

SpinPlant GmbH

SpinPlant is an R&D company operating in the field of regenerative medicine. SpinPlant uses an electrospinning process to develop biocompatible nano fibers from collagen with special properties for cell adhesion, cell population, and cell proliferation unlike anything available on the market today. SpinPlant nano fibers may be used in orthopedics, tissue engineering, and wound healing.


A Fraunhofer FEP spin-off

Strahltechnologie Dresden GmbH

Strahltechnologie Dresden GmbH is a service provider for industrial electron beam applications, especially electron beam welding and electron beam hardening.


A Fraunhofer IGB spin-off

Subitec GmbH

Subitec GmbH specializes in the production of micro algae on an industrial scale. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB) in Stuttgart, special flat-panel airlift photobioreactors (FPA reactors) have been developed for this purpose. The innovative reactor technology is protected by two patents.


A Fraunhofer UMSICHT spin-off

Susteen Technologies GmbH

Susteen Technologies closes the carbon cycle for sustainable recycling management. The Fraunhofer UMSICHT spin-off offers the TCR® process (»thermo-catalytic reforming«) for the thermal conversion of mixed organic waste from farming, the industry, and municipal waste management into sustainable raw materials.


A Fraunhofer IMS spin-off

TriDiCam GmbH

The objective of TriDiCam GmbH is the marketing of 3D sensors and special automation starting from lot sizes as small as 1.

A Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

Vallis Solaris d.o.o.

Green power from Croatia: Based on a research project of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems focusing on the development of photovoltaic modules, Vallis Solaris d.o.o. intends to export low-cost green electricity from the Balkans to central Europe in the future.


A Fraunhofer ISE spin-off


VDE-ISE PTE Ltd. is a joint venture of Fraunhofer ISE and the VDE Institute. VDE-ISE offers certification tests for PV modules. Testing is offered for all established wafer and thin-film technologies according to IEC standards.


A Fraunhofer UMSICHT spin-off

Volterion GmbH

Volterion produces and markets redox flow stacks and batteries for the decentralized storage of renewable energies.


A Fraunhofer UMSICHT spin-off

VSM Solar Private Ltd.

VSM Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded in Bangalore with the aim of installing and spreading solar-thermal systems in India and South Asia. Especially industries where air conditioning and hot water preparation are an important (production) factor may benefit from this commitment.


A Fraunhofer IGD spin-off

wetransform GmbH

wetransform GmbH makes development and implementation of standards agile and efficient. Based on their established data harmonization software hale»studio, the spin-off developed hale»connect, the first transformation platform in the world that enables data modeling, transformation, and publication in accordance with standards together with other experts.


A Fraunhofer ENAS spin-off

WiTech GmbH (SUPA)

witech GmbH develops solutions for wireless energy transfer in the near field area. The technology uses the principle of induction, intelligent control, and resonance to provide for high energy efficiency. witech technology may be applied to large surfaces and supply even devices with high power requirements, such as notebooks.