Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2014: Prolupin GmbH and Fraunhofer IVV are awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis by Federal President Joachim Gauck.

Prolupin GmbH

Winner of Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2014


After more than ten years or research at Fraunhofer IVV and completing the internal development programs FFE and FFM, Prolupin GmbH was founded in 2009. A unique process enables the application of previously unused lupine proteins in foods for the first time.

For this groundbreaking research achievement, the Fraunhofer researchers Dr. Stephanie Mittermaier and Dr. Peter Eisner together with Katrin Petersen from Prolupin GmbH were awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis by the Federal President in 2014. The award endowed with €250,000 is presented to particularly innovative technology research projects that manage a successful transfer and create new jobs.


Prolupin gains and markets food ingredients from blue sweet lupines that serve as a substitute for animal protein in food production.


A process technology developed at Fraunhofer IVV enables the extraction of a protein isolate from the plant that can be used as a substitute for animal protein in food production.



Start of the development of the process technology at Fraunhofer IVV


Support through the Fraunhofer development programs FFE and FFM; founding of Prolupin GmbH


Investment of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and first financing round


Launch of »Lupinesse« ice cream at EDEKA-Süd and EDEKA-Südwest


Winner of Deutscher Zukunftspreis of the Federal President


Introduction of the new product range under the brand MADE WITH LUVE (LUpine + VEgan)


Prolupin GmbH sells more than 2,5 Mio. Lupine products under the brand MADE WITH LUVE


Prolupin GmbH was awarded the »Innovative through Research« seal of approval by the Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft

Deutscher Stifterverband



Prolupin GmbH is awarded the Ludwig-Bölkow Technology Prize in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Ludwig-Belkow Technologie Prize 


The ProSieben subsidary 7Life invests and acquires Prolupin GmbH shares

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