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The aim of the promoter network is to teach and enable employees of the Fraunhofer institutes in Germany to market the results of their applied research.

Employees at selected institutes act as promoters to make your first few steps toward a spin-off easier. Promoters primarily act as points of contact between researchers and directors at the institute. They come from a variety of areas such as institute development, strategy & company development, business development and innovation management.

Our common goal? To work with you to intensify exploitation of technology at the institutes and share your passion for entrepreneurship!


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Promoter responsibilities include

  • Motivating colleagues to come up with new ideas
  • Helping start-ups systematically go to market
  • Communicating the basics of the Fraunhofer Venture "business design" approach

You will act as a BRIDGE BUILDER at and outside of your institute to build networks that support innovation activities.


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The promoter community meets twice a year to talk about technology exploitation, innovation, intra- and entrepreneurship and the barriers and best practices involved. Members also work together to come up with solutions. The community get-together also features a train-the-trainer workshop. At the workshop promoters are taught how apply a variety of formats to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and action "on site" at the institutes and receive support in their activities.


If you have a colleague in mind who fits this description and has these qualities and skills, please feel free to talk to them about the opportunity and get in touch with our Promoter Network Manager, Dr. Julia Bauer.



Promotor network


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