1st Bootcamp starts successfully in Munich!


High-tech business start-ups start with personality, not with technology: High-tech start-ups are more complex and time-consuming, require many different skills, perspectives and personalities. Diversity is the trump card for high-tech teams and a challenge at the same time - which is why Fraunhofer Venture's AHEAD Company Building program starts differently than "conventional accelerators and incubators".

Today, more than 100 scientists, tech experts and entrepreneurs are starting a possible career as managers in their own companies - not with artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles or smart robots, but initially with the drive for an entrepreneurial path and in intensive discussions with the potential co-founders.  

The DNA of the AHEAD program is the entrepreneurial spirit, the personal mission to shape business models from Fraunhofer technology and to bring them to market with courage, willingness to learn and grit. The participants will discover this entrepreneurial spirit together on the first day of the boot camp. The founders' personal spirit begins with self-analysis and challenging sessions on the trail of their own motivation. This inner drive, the partly obvious, partly unconscious personal mission will be confronted with new challenges and learning moments during the 4-day boot camp: In the following days, the character test turns into a stress test for ideas in a realistic market scenario, introduces the participants with their team colleagues to the manifold possibilities of founding and licensing with the coaches and partners of AHEAD and culminates at the end of the camp in the elaboration of a founding concept with the trainers of AHEAD and the investment managers of Fraunhofer Venture.

With AHEAD, Fraunhofer Venture bundles its high-tech start-up activities in a rigorous program. In so-called high-impact teams, scientists and external entrepreneurs work together on the business models of the future. In the first AHEAD boot camp, 30 start-up teams work on topics such as artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, digital medicine, energy storage systems and new materials. The successful graduates of the four-day boot camp will be transferred to the AHEAD program after a jury decision and supported for up to 24 months with coaching and venture capital. This is what AHEAD offers scientists and founders:

  • the most innovative concept in Germany, especially for high-tech start-ups
  • A tailor-made company building process from the initial idea through business model and technology development to market entry
  • Working in special high-impact teams of scientists, entrepreneurs and experts - with exactly the people and skills your idea needs
  • Professional coaching and navigation at any time and for any challenge: in business model development, recruiting the right experts, the technology or the marketing concept.
  • The complete portfolio of standard licensing and financing models
  • Access to Fraunhofer technology before, during and after the spin-off
  • Venture capital via the Fraunhofer Investment Fund and an investor network with over 150 potential investors
  • A 97% success rate of all spin-off Fraunhofer start-ups - with over 500 new high-tech companies to date