Start-up from Cologne makes untapped potential of the Internet of things accessible

New Investors strengthen Enerthing


The NRW.Bank and the Smart Energy Innovation Fund of Swiss energy provider Energie 360 as well as existing stakeholders including the Fraunhofer­-Gesellschaft invest in Enerthing GmbH. The Start-up from Cologne enables the Internet of things to be free from batteries and opens up new possibilities for the digitizing of processes.

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One of the strongest growing areas of the digitization revolution is the internet of things (IoT). The dependence on electrical energy imposes a significant limitation on development of new IoT applications. “Our flexible photovoltaic films open up new applications, for example in the areas of asset tracking and indoor navigation“ explains Dr. Michael Niggemann, founder and CEO of Enerthing GmbH.

High conversion efficiency under artificial illumination

Enerthing’s photovoltaic technology is optimized for converting artificial (indoor) light into electricity. It is highly efficient and allows for the autonomous operation of various IoT devices equipped with transmitters, receivers and sensors. The big advantage is the removal of the requirement to regularly change batteries.

Maintenance-free and scalable IoT-Solutions

„In collaboration with partners, we are developing maintenance-free, and therefore scalable applications, for asset tracking and indoor navigation” explains Dr. Michael Niggemann. “IoT-devices have to be maintenance-free if several hundred or thousand individual objects are equipped with radio transmitters and sensors. Our solution will enable applications which previously had to be ruled out due to battery replacement on a large scale being neither economical nor sustainable.” The same is true for application scenarios, where IoT devices offer highly demanding measurement, control and communications functions. These require sufficient electrical energy and would deplete batteries within a few months or years. Devices powered by Enerthing’s light energy harvesting solution are not restricted by this limitation. Applications and ideas can be realized which were not economical in the past.

Big growth potential

The NRW.Bank and Energie 360°’s Smart Energy Innovation fund have identified a large growth potential in the sustainable digitization of the economy. Enerthing’s innovative photovoltaic technology opens up the way to a sustainable and autonomous energy supply for the internet of things. The new investment allows Enerthing to further develop their revolutionary technology and to bring new innovative IoT products to the market together with a strong network of partners.