Fraunhofer Venture for Insiders: Here’s our Performance Dashboard


Forcasting and measuring results is part of Fraunhofer Venture’s mission to build outstanding startups, based on Fraunhofer technology. Here’s a dashboard that illustrates our own performance. The Board indicates the performance of our current 31 hightech startups, the challenges and emerging opportunities they face on their journey towards a successful market launch.

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AHEAD bundles Fraunhofer Venture’s incubator activities for high-tech ventures into a single streamlined program. For the first time, this program will also make it possible for entrepreneurs and experts from outside the Fraunhofer R&D network to get involved. Fraunhofer Venture’s AHEAD program provides founders and researchers with a new approach to a one-stop solution for technology, business model and team development. As part of the AHEAD company-building process, which is designed to meet the needs of high-tech start-ups, founding teams and new ventures will have access to the latest technology as well as to Fraunhofer’s research network. Click here for more information!