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Every great innovation starts with a hero - and that could be you! Watch the video of the new hightech innovation hub AHEAD and start your own entrepreneurial journey!

We are AHEAD! Watch the video now and let yourself be carried away by the entrepreneurial spirit.

AHEAD stands for pushing the barriers. For hightech coupled with entrepreneurial passion. For a tailor-made start-up and licensing process from a single source. And AHEAD stands for effective teams outside their comfort zone and therefore always close to the customer.

We have captured exactly this spirit with the camera, allowing you to fully experience the AHEAD mentality. Watch the video now and let yourself be inspired! Because with AHEAD you can start your own hightech adventure, realize your own ideas and become part of something big.

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AHEAD bundles Fraunhofer Venture’s incubator activities for high-tech ventures into a single streamlined program. For the first time, this program will also make it possible for entrepreneurs and experts from outside the Fraunhofer R&D network to get involved. Fraunhofer Venture’s AHEAD program provides founders and researchers with a new approach to a one-stop solution for technology, business model and team development. As part of the AHEAD company-building process, which is designed to meet the needs of high-tech start-ups, founding teams and new ventures will have access to the latest technology as well as to Fraunhofer’s research network. Click here for more information!