How advanced technology can noticeably improve indoor climate


60% der Menschen sind mit der Klimatisierung ihrer Arbeitsräume unzufrieden! Bei schlecht gereinigten Klimaanlagen können Keime verteilt werden, es entsteht Zugluft und Staub wird aufgewirbelt. Um das zu ändern bietet die interpanel GmbH, ein Spin-off des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Bauphysik IBP/FZB, installationsfertige raumklimatische Gesamtlösungen als modular einsetzbare Panels an. Diese werden in Neubauten, aber auch in bestehenden Objekten angebracht. Durch die auf Wärmestrahlung basierte Kühlung wird besonders hygienisch und effizient, eine lautlose und generell zugluftfreie Raumkühlung und Heizung realisiert. Besonders außergewöhnlich: die Panels ermöglichen erstmalig eine Kühlung ohne Kondenswasserbildung.Gesundes Raumklima durch multifunktionale Deckenelemente.

A healthy indoor climate thanks to multi-functional ceiling panels

The company, which was founded in 2017, creates a healthy indoor environment via modular panels that combine cooling, heating, lighting and acoustics all in a single, ready-to-install panel. An excellent example is the company’s effective, acoustic temperature light that acts independently of the ambient air dew point temperature. The technology cools the room by absorbing thermal radiation, guaranteeing optimal comfort. The technology also features an optional daylight sensor function and can be used as a diffuse LED light for workstations, providing perfect lighting. The system increases productivity while reducing dust and germs. Because the technology is able to function below dew point, it is the first of its kind to also be effective in tropical climates and public spaces.

High-tech for optimum comfort and efficiency   

The technology, which was developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP, is based on a transparent, translucent polymer structure for thermal radiation (8-12 µm) that is installed onto a temperature-controlled surface. When the surface cools, the moist air surrounding it cannot access the surface while thermal heat exchange remains constant. Comfortable room climate can be set for different zones, making it possible to take the needs of all your employees into consideration. The panels also provide ideal non-glare lighting for workstations. The solution is ready to install and is currently being used in new and stock buildings as well as in the healthcare and industrial sectors. Custom versions of the entire product can be licensed, creating room to scale into other markets and market segments that currently don’t have an alternative to traditional air-conditioning systems.

Awards for Fraunhofer high-tech

interpanel GmbH received support during the 12-week acceleration program, FDays®, and the FFE sponsorship program. The two Fraunhofer Venture programs proved particularly helpful during the pre-founding orientation phase and in taking the first steps towards getting the start-up off the ground. The technology was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy through the EXIST program, where its creators got the technology ready for market launch. The start-up has received several awards and prizes, including winner of the Green Tech Challenge 2017, Hospital of the Future - Medical Valley Award, 2nd place, and 1st place in the Cleantech Open Global Ideas Challenge San Francisco 2016 - Green Building.