5 years, 15 batches and the FDays® are ever improving!


After 5 years and 15 batches, the FDays® have already proven their effectiveness. Based on our latest survey, 38% of alumni projects have achieved a valuable technology transfer. In such a complex environment and in such an early phase of innovation, these results can definitely be applauded.

If you combine this experience with the record participation of 23 teams in our 16th batch, which starts on 09.10., then some high-tech innovations will be awaiting us soon in the market. And we do not mean the next mattress startup, but real problem solvers.

Also a record-breaking event: thanks to the support of the BMBF's "High-Tech Pioneers" project, 25 experienced entrepreneurs from Germany and abroad will meet the Fraunhofer, DLR and HTGF teams at FDays® 16’s kick-off in Percuma. In some of the future founding teams, the role of CEO is still to be filled. The aim therefore is to develop high-impact teams that not only have the highest potential on paper, but also act ideally together as personalities.

Finally, with AUDI, Deutsche Bahn, etc., company partners are still waiting for an intensive exchange with selected teams in order to keep the market mirror on the cutting-edge technologies at an early stage. This should result in an additional learning acceleration for many teams.

Investors and company representatives should already make a note of the 13.12.2018 in Munich. Then you can experience the teams up close.

FDays® Life Science: Registration for the Demo Day in Göttingen is now possible

Brief Review: From September 18 to 20, 2018, the Life Science FDays® started in cooperation with Sartorius and the Life Science Factory in Göttingen: 5 Fraunhofer teams and 3 teams from the University of Göttingen were subjected to a tough stress test and prepared for the 12-week acceleration. Now, the teams have to prove themselves in market interaction and team development.

Relevant investors and company representatives from the life sciences can now register for the Demo Day in Göttingen on December 6, 2018.