Companies trust Fraunhofer Venture's Company Building abilities


How does Fraunhofer Venture generally work with established Companies?

Fraunhofer Venture does not only act as an associate within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft but can also act as an advocate for an industry interested in high-tech startups. We can offer companies the chance to actively involve themselves in our founding-/incubation process. First, we realise a company’s future needs, then we scout for a fitting founding-ready project within our 72 institutes. Through this a company can develop strategic high-tech startups in collaboration with us. Through the continuing exchange with teams supported by Fraunhofer Venture, companies can steer towards further development and make sure their needs are met by actual results. The Fraunhofer startup profits from the potential access to Fraunhofer resources and can develop the product close to the market from the beginning. Eventually, the company partner can either act as a customer or lead investor of the startup.

Current projects

Together with AUDI AG, we are currently working on generating startups for the future sectors of the automobile industry. For this, technical challenges and future needs were discussed in order to scout for founding-ready technologies in our 72 institutes. Next to Audis’ market requirements and the fitting Fraunhofer-technology, the right team is of utmost importance. Herefore, experienced Fraunhofer Venture entrepreneurs are involved to build up before-mentioned teams. By being the startups first customer, Audi’s goal is to attain technology leadership and eventually establish competitive advantage in the market. 

Together with Deutsche Bahn AG and its sector DB New Digital Business, there are currently two projects on a startup level. Firstly, startups based on Fraunhofer technologies are built together with DB's company building initiative. Secondly, within DB's initiative New Horizons, we are providing long-term founding projects with Fraunhofer technologies, which show a disruptive character.

For the first time ever, this fall, the LifeScience FDays will be held in Gottingen with Sartorius. The accelerator programme is aimed at Fraunhofer- and external founding teams, e.g. from the drug development, medical technology and life science tools areas. With strong cooperation partners, such as Sartorius, and the bundled know-how of experienced life science founders and experts, Fraunhofer Venture will support you on the way to a marketable business model.

Beyond this, the family business-platform Alphazirkel and Fraunhofer Venture push for an exchange in between Fraunhofer high-tech startups and the expertise of successful and experienced company personalities. For this purpose Fraunhofer teams and entrepreneurs from production, logistics and trade sectors will be brought together in June.

Future prospects

In 2017 Fraunhofer Venture supported 25 spin-offs. In the future this number should be significantly increased. For this purpose, the collaboration with established companies will play an increasingly important role. The opportunity to financially support the start-up ecosystem in Germany and particularly high-tech startups with Fraunhofer technologies will exist. The support and early access to innovative technologies will secure a long-term competitive advantage for the industry eco-system as well as the whole economy.

Lastly, our technology’s positive impact on society itself is very important to us. There will be opportunities for our business partners to support impact driven Fraunhofer startups, whose goal is to contribute solutions to relevant problems in society.