Funded Cooperations between Startups and Fraunhofer Institutes in Competition - Apply Now!


The TandemCamp competition for start-up cooperations is entering its fifth round: tandems consisting of founders and Fraunhofer researchers can apply together with their project idea in order to win both content-related and financial support for their joint project.

What is TandemCamp?

Technologies and topics from all fields are welcome!

From medical technology products, blockchain applications or smart air filters to solar energy, optimizations of mobility platforms or machine learning bots to energy efficiency, 3D printing production factories or artificial intelligence in fish farming, all topics were represented in a colorful mix. The 73 Fraunhofer Institutes, with their wide range of expertise, are able to deal with a wide variety of topics and are looking forward to exciting applications from startups. No matter what tech topic you are interested in at the moment, come to us!

Tandem partner needed?

You are working in a start-up or have founded one and are interested in a cooperation with Faunhofer, but do not yet know the right researcher to implement your ideas? Fill out our matching form, we will take care of the rest! 

How time-consuming is the application?

Not so much! When applying, an online form must be completed in the InnovationHub (registration required). Information about the startup, the institute and the project is requested. In addition, a project outline, startup pitch deck and a non-disclosure agreement must be submitted. All guides and templates can be found on the website.

What criteria must my tandem meet to win?

  • both tandem parties are motivated and have a considerable benefit from the cooperation
  • Tandem shows the willingness to invest time and resources in the initiation and implementation of a joint project
  • Tandem jointly pursues innovative business models with high market potential
  • the exploitation of Fraunhofer know-how or technology is the goal of the cooperation
  • the cooperation can lead to a scalable business model for both sides