doks.innovation - inventAIRy®


Inventory and flying. Two activities you would not necessarily associate with each other. However, startup “doks.innovation”, a Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) spin-off, has taken on exactly this challenge and developed an autonomous flight robot system based on the Internet of Things: "inventAIRy®".

inventAIRy® - the solution to a tedious job

Inventories, thus the recording of a company’s stock, are legally required for the annual report. A job that is idle, costs time and often stops warehouse operations. inventAIRy® is intended to remedy this very problem. Sensors enable the autonomous drone to independently perceive and analyse the environment. Based on this, it can navigate the warehouse and record logistic objects to carry out an inventory.

The collected data is then transmitted to third party systems (e.g. warehouse management systems) via intelligent interfaces, to provide relevant information to the company’s management. Another plus: the drone makes almost no mistakes. On the contrary, if it comes across double-/ illegible labels or a shelf gap, it takes a picture and reports the problem immediately.

First official use in Business – inventAIRy® is put to a test

For two weeks, the drone "Anna" has now been buzzing around at the Rigterink logistics group in Nordhorn, near Frankfurt. There she scans products of the pilot customer, the food company Mars GmbH. In conclusion: Anna manages the inventory of twice as many shelves in half the time – every managers dream, when it comes to making the company more efficient in its day to day business.  

doks.innovation shareholders are the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Drone Masters, Metamorphoses Braun, Gecoin and Mindfabric, as well as the founders with a Fraunhofer IML background. The company has locations in Kassel, Dortmund and inside Hamburg’s Digital Hub Logistics offices.