In need of skilled labour? How about a Care-O-bot® 4?


Not only does the amount of a skilled labour force keep on decreasing, they also lose both the efficiency and ability to work the later it gets during the day. This is where Mojin Robotics GmbH, a Fraunhofer IPA Spin-Off, comes in. They offer a Service Robotic Solution for a great number of different areas outside of the industry sector, such as in trade, museums and hospitals. Dr. Ulrich Reiser, Chief Executive of Mojin Robotics GmbH: »It is our goal to develop intelligent Service and Assistance Robots for the support in service processes, with which consumers can interact in a natural and intuitive way. Meanwhile the Robot should support the ever decreasing numbers of workers, by taking over some of their workload«.

FFE-Projekt »E2U Robotics«FFE Project EU2 Robotics

In 2014 the Mojin Robotics Team underwent a twelve-month long programme called »Fraunhofer fördert Entrepreneure« (FFE – Fraunhofer promotes Entrepreneurs). During this time, the team received further financial support in order to evaluate founding ideas on the basis of Fraunhofer technology. FFE has the goal to support the technology transfer based on specific projects before founding, in case of spin offs. For this the focus lay on intensively engaging oneself with possible business models and relevant markets. By getting in touch with costumers and investors, the business plan kept on developing, so that today Mojin Robotics GmbH can offer you the Care-O-bot® 4.

Intuitive and Natural Interaction with Technology 

Care-O-bot® 4 is characterized by a user-defined design as well as a high degree of agility and expressiveness, which is made possible by the patented ball joint. Due to a number of robotic technologies, like autonomous navigation, he is able to assist and support consumers with Information – and Accompaniment services as well as Transport- and Monitoring services.  The first use case of the product lies within the trade sector with large scale areas and a need of intensive consulting. 

By combining semantic dialogue systems with artificial intelligence, the interaction with Care-O-bot ® 4 becomes more and more intuitive, so that it can eventually be used more flexibly in various everyday environments. 

Individual and Universal Use 

As the fourth generation of its kind, which was developed at Fraunhofer IPA, the Care-O-bot® 4 offers a characteristically slim form, clear lines and a user-centred design. Various compositions of six independent »Plug & Play« modules (high-quality sensors, patented ball joints, etc.) enable a precisely fitting and unique configuration of the robotics. For example: the robot can be delivered with one, two or no arms at all. The software architecture is also modular due to the underlying open-source operating system Robot Operating System (ROS), so that depending on the requirements, various capabilities can additionally be switched on. There are hardly any limits to individuality. 

Courteous, friendly and sympathetic shopping help 

Since October 2016, Paul , Care-O-bot® 4, welcomes customers in several big electronic hardware stores. Paul observes everything and knows the whole range of products. Owing to Navigation- and Information Services he can offer customers an extraordinary service and accompanies them to a certain shelf. He likes to hold light conversation such as talking about the weather or other similar topics. In case he does not know how to help you for once, he can simply call a human colleague via Internet Call (VoIP), to ask for assistance. 

Awards for a charming gentleman

On February 28, 2018 Mojin Robotics GmbH was awarded  the 5000 Euro Fraunhofer-Founders Price, which was established by Fraunhofer Venture and High-Tech Gründerfonds in 2015. Back in February 2017, Paul was already able to convince an international high-calibre jury and won the EHI Award in the category »Best Customer Experience«.