Investment management

How does Fraunhofer Venture support you?

Fraunhofer Venture is responsible for the investment management of all Fraunhofer investments and therefore the central contact for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft investment portfolio. This does not only include the execution of rights and duties as a partner but also the consulting and support regarding the further collaboration between the Fraunhofer headquarters, the institute, and the joint venture, as well as potential investors.


Main services:

The responsible investment managers and legal experts represent the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with respect to its joint ventures. Therefore, Fraunhofer Venture employees – in close cooperation with the institute and the relevant departments – are the contact for operational management and the co-partners of the joint venture, e.g. with regard to the following aspects

  • Aligning the corporate strategy
  • Checking the regular reportings
  • Approving transactions subject to authorization
  • Participating in shareholders’ meetings
  • Structuring and implementing financing rounds
  • Participating in financing rounds as a co-investor
  • Supporting corporate sales

Furthermore, Fraunhofer Venture disposes of an excellent network in the German start-up scene and is happy to share contacts of

  • Founders, spin-offs, and joint ventures
  • Business angels, state banks, and venture capitalists
  • Industrial partners and strategic investors
  • Fraunhofer institutes


Contact your responsible investment manager and legal expert at Fraunhofer Venture. The list of allocated institutes is available on the intranet.