Our development programs

Fraunhofer Venture is in the sense of technology transfer responsible for the targeted advancement of ideas into business models and potential spin-off projects. The aim is to activate the spin-off potential at the Fraunhofer institutes by a targeted consolidation of technology transfer concepts, business models, management teams, IP resources, and investors. Fraunhofer supports this aim with a structured advancement process.


Pre-qualification program

Business Ideation

Fraunhofer employees develop business ideas and test them for their effective customer benefit.


Business model development


Fraunhofer Days: Acceleration mode with transfer option for selected employees with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Business plan development


Fraunhofer Fosters Entrepreneurs: Internal development program for supporting the preparations for founding a Fraunhofer spin-off.


Management boost


Fraunhofer Fosters Management: Financial support for Fraunhofer investments for completing important management competences.