Business ideation

At Fraunhofer we have a lot of great ideas. But ideas are only the beginning – innovation is more than just a good idea!

We don’t leave it to chance whether an idea represents added value for the customer. We analyze customer needs and find ways how to satisfy them with Fraunhofer technologies.

With different business ideation programs, we support researchers with identifying promising business opportunities for technologies and evaluating them based on market feedback. Depending on the requirements, two workshops are offered for teams of all Fraunhofer institutes to participate. These workshops lay the ideal foundation for participating in the FDays® and further technology transfer programs:

  • The “Application discovery” workshop helps our researchers to identify different areas of application for their technology and analyze the most promising ones in detail.
  • In the “Customer discovery” workshop researchers deepen their knowledge about customer needs and verify critical assumptions with respect to the corresponding business idea.

In addition, we offer a range of individual programs related to business ideation for institutes.

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Customer discovery

Understand customer needs even better and sharpen your offering.




Application discovery

Identify new areas of application for your technology.



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FDays® – Fraunhofer Days

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