FDays® – Fraunhofer Days

Innovating like an entrepreneur

The FDays® serve the entrepreneurial, systematic development and evaluation of business models based on Fraunhofer technology/competence. The 12-week acceleration model functions as a stress test for market, team, and technology. The methodology kit is sourced from the world of start-ups: They have to take extremely fast and effective decisions to be able to survive. The central FDays® objectives are:

  1. Align future technology developments with verifiable customer benefit.
  2. Build the cornerstones of a sustainable business model and validate it against the real market.
  3. Bring about a substantiated transfer concept decision (license, spin-off, industrial project, or no transfer) and develop a corresponding pitch.
  4. Set up an entrepreneurial team.
  5. Build business development and acquisition competence.

We are happy to offer the FDays® in cooperation with our partner of UnternehmerTUM, the innovation center of TU München. The passion we contribute to our high-tech teams repeatedly results in a recommendation rate by participants of 90% and more.

How to participate in the FDays®:

As a team with your own business idea
based on Fraunhofer technology/competence and with the aim to take technology transfer into your own hands.

As entrepreneurial developers: You have a technology you would like to see as a living innovation in the market, but you lack the resources to drive the issue yourself. We provide an entrepreneurial, external team of business designers to develop the business for you. No matter whether as a license model or in connection with a spin-off.

As technology mentors: With your technology competence you support an external team of founders who want to start-up a high-technology business. We will contact you with relevant business ideas.

Your project after the FDays®


  • You demonstrated entrepreneurial potential as an intrapreneur team
  • You developed and trained a professional pitch for introducing your idea to decision makers, customers, and investors
  • You defined your first, marketable business model canvas
  • You identified and eliminated critical market uncertainties through market interaction
  • You established a relevant network within and especially outside the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • You extended your team by business designers
  • You have a clear vision of the ideal transfer concept and the right arguments for other internal and external investors
  • The road to further support by FDays extended, FFE, or Innovator has become more concrete


FDays® extended

With the FDays® extended, FDays alumni have the possibility to finally validate the transfer concept of a spin-off and to establish the relevant maturity for FFE. After successful completion, support may possibly continue almost seamlessly for preparing and realizing a spin-off through FFE.

In the same, close-to-market mode of the FDays®, the business model is validated with the focus on a spin-off, participants receive essential training, and the team is completed. Content and support are strongly tailored to the individual challenges of the teams. The aim is that after another 6 weeks of FDays extended the team, the institute/s, and Fraunhofer Venture have achieved sufficient market evidence to initiate the spin-off through FFE.

From the institute we expect co-support for the FDays® extended in the co-funding amount defined in the official funding guidelines of € 10,000. The headquarters provides the same amount. Furthermore, Fraunhofer Venture Lab – if agreed – covers further costs exceeding these € 20,000 so that the teams receive full financing for 15 working days, fees for the program, accommodation, and travel.

What our FDays alumni say



“Despite all of my complaining, the FDays were really great for us. I think that each Fraunhofer researcher should be obliged to participate once. This could be made obligatory. Also after each BMBF project the team should go through such a program; maybe this could considerably shorten the death valley for many new technologies.”

(Dr.-Ing. Olaf Sauer, Fraunhofer IOSB)


“This was the best acquisition training I have had so far.”



“An exciting leap out of the comfort zone – Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.”  

(Adriana Sanz Mirabal, Fraunhofer ISC)


“The FDays should become a standard process where every team in every institute goes through its new transfer and business ideas in connection with R&D.”


“With the FDays we gained self-confidence in our idea and are motivated to realise it.”

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