Application discovery

You are looking for customers in new markets? Or you want to evaluate the areas of application for your technology? Your technology is ready to be pulled out of the drawer but still sleeping there and you are looking for new business areas? You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to use this potential?

The “Application discovery” workshop supports you with a systematic, science-based procedure to find answers to these questions.



As a participant you come with a specific technology to directly apply the methodology introduced in the workshop. The output is an overview and description of all areas of application identified for the technology as well as a first assessment regarding the commercial attractiveness.


  • Concrete analysis of your technology from a user perspective
  • Set of methodologies how to look for new areas of application for a technology
  • Concrete identification and assessment of as many as possible, creative (alternative) areas of application for your technology
  • Assessment of the commercial attractiveness of the new areas of application
  • Presentation and preparation of results


The two workshop days take place in Munich. Two telephone coaching sessions are scheduled between these dates. They are to align the intermediate results from your research as well as the next steps. Students from Vienna University of Economics and Business may support you at this stage. They are already experienced with the methodology and have applied it to a project directly.

The workshop is very interactive and asks for quite some commitment also between the workshop days. We look forward to participants with self-interest, motivation, and energy who want to actively advance projects.



For participating in the workshop program mentioned above, costs of €900 need to be covered per project and team for support by the students and conducting the workshops. The fee may be covered by the training budget if approved by the manager.