Enterprise simulation: Spin-off cycle – from enterprise start-up to exit

With great success, Fraunhofer Venture has hosted the enterprise simulation workshop “Spin-off cycle – from enterprise start-up to exit” for several years now. The event addresses those who are interested in starting a business as well as prospective and established managers and provides for the opportunity to simulate the reality of an enterprise based on board games.

Participants learn how a spin-off may develop in a model scenario based on a business plan. Complex systems and their processes become transparent. All typical divisions of a company, their tasks and trade-offs between individual divisions are examined.

To learn the rules means to learn the rules of business management. Enterprise management games not only transfer knowledge, they also train in particular actionability and decision-making ability and therefore entrepreneurship. This way, participants combine learning a seemingly dry subject such as business management with a positive learning experience also increasing the ability to memorize what they have learned.

The seminar methodology is based on a modular board simulation. The following divisions are covered: production, finance, as well as administration and sales. Teams of 5-6 persons take over management of a simulated enterprise and lead it through several business years. They compete with other teams. With the enterprise management game, basic business management skills are acquired, refreshed, and extended.