Fraunhofer Venture for Fraunhofer scientists | from researcher to entrepreneur

Founding a new venture is by no means easy even if researchers might have developed an innovative idea or promising technology. Many things need to be taken into consideration before the final spin-off formation.

Within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer Venture embodies a central department and contact for entrepreneurial researchers that support them in the development of a joint high-tech spin-off. We facilitate scientists‘ spin-off intentions by a structured process in which we reduce uncertainties and obstacles which are typically inherent in the new venture creation process. In addition, we support their endeavors by continuous coaching as well as programs and workshops.

Which programme suits you?

Business Ideation

Would you like to develop a sound business idea? Or test it and see if it satisfies a consumer need? Our Business Ideation workshops support Fraunhofer scientists in the identification of promising market applications and evaluate it through first market feedback and customer investigations.

Business Model Development

Would you like to develop a business model and team up with Fraunhofer researchers? Then, our FDays®, a 12-week lasting Fraunhofer acceleration program for business modelling and team formation activities, might be the right choice for you and your high-tech projects. Customer-oriented, agile, and focused towards market needs.

Businessplan Creation

Would you like to get support for a structured preparation facilitating your spin-off formation? Our program FFE (in German: „Fraunhofer fördert Entrepreneure“) provides you with a project budget that enables you to take further developmental steps and to work out a detailed technology commercialization concept (business plan).

Team Addition

You are still lacking entrepreneurial skills after having established your own venture? Our program FFM (in German: „Fraunhofer fördert Management“) complements Fraunhofer spin-off investments with crucial management competencies such as an individual coaching or the complementation of the founder team.

Company Building

You have an exiting technology that you would like to spin out? You are still looking for an experienced entrepreneur that supports you for your endeavor? Then, our High-Tech Pioneers program is best for you: Teams first. Technology second. That’s what it is all about. We connect you with experienced entrepreneurs.

Startup Cooperation with a Fraunhofer-Institute

You are working at a Fraunhofer Institute and looking for promising market applications for your technologies? You are interested in startups as partner for your technology commercialization? TechBridge can help you! Tech-Startups and Fraunhofer Institutes are matched and supported in joint projects through workshops and project budget.

Innovation with and for SMEs

You are engaged at a Fraunhofer Institute and looking for promising market applications? You are interested in medium-sized companies („Mittelstand“) as a partner for your technology commercialization? Venture Connect can help you! Medium-sized companies and Fraunhofer Institutes are supported in identifying and valorizing their technologies.

Amongst our support program, we also support you with further initiatives.

What kind of other support programmes exist?

Find your contact person from your institute – our promoter network

You would like to first talk with a colleague from your institute about your technology? Our promoters answer all questions regarding innovation management or new venture formation and accompany you with your entrepreneurial projects from your institutes

Spin-off and investment support

Your technology is ready for a spin-off and you would like Fraunhofer to invest in it? Fraunhofer Venture supports and consults you for all question related to the formation of a new venture. In addition, we take over responsibility for all shareholder rights and obligations on behalf of Fraunhofer Society.

Munich Investment Forum

You are just about are have already founded a new venture and are looking for investment opportunities? Once a year, Munich Investment Forum connects spin-offs with investors. We have some cooperation with different universities in Munich (LMU Entrepreneurship Center, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and UnternehmerTUM).

Spin-off bonus for your institute

Spin-offs are a strategic goal of the top management of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and one way to potentially bring your technology research into a market. Based on some fundamental calculations, we computed and defined a spin-off premium. This bonus is intended to immediately compensate your institute at the time of the new venture formation

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