Enabling Innovation

Strategic increase of innovation potentials

Management tool for determining a research institute’s innovative ability


The management tool »Enabling Innovation« enables Fraunhofer institutes to analyze in detail and therefore also specifically advance their current ability to create innovations and shape technology transfer. This process is based on eight main indicators.

The criteria of the »Enabling Innovation« methodology are applied at the individual institutes by means of a guideline-based workshop. Participants are recruited from institute directors, technology transfer representatives, and relevant division managers. The science-based methodology of »Enabling Innovation« allows for a qualitative assessment of the criteria through the workshop participants. Then, the first assessment is discussed in an examination phase (Where are we on the right track? What do we want to achieve? Where is potential for improvement?), mirrored to previous experiences, and processed into a consistent image of the implementation and innovation activity at the Fraunhofer institute. Finally, possible recommendations how to further optimize their institute’s innovation ability are derived for the director of the institute from this basis.

The applicability of the management tool »Enabling Innovation« to the institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will be tested in the years 2015 and 2016. After that the methodology is to undergo further development so that it will be able to support the institutes’ success of transfer for cooperation agreements, license revenues, or spin-offs on a wide basis.