High-Tech Pioneers | Constitution and Development of Spin-Off Teams

Teams first. Technologies second.


«Look, I don't really know where we should take this bus. But I know this much: If we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus, then we'll figure out how to take it someplace great.» (James C. Collins

Teams first, great technologies second. Fraunhofer Company Building connects the best of two worlds: leading researchers and experienced entrepreneurs. We get the right people on the bus, actual high-tech pioneers into the driver's seat and fuel it with genuine high-tech. Together, our teams will get the best out of any technology, nurture its full market potential and create a company with significant impact.

Both, the entrepreneurs as well as our technologies are selected by following a rigorous process.

The perfect Match

The best recipe includes two superior components: engagement and passion.

The Entrepreneur 

  • fully committed to create spin-off
  • ready to invest time, resources and private money
  • high-tech and B2B-proof with years of business and industry experience
  • a proven entrepreneurial personality
  • driven by impact
  • not: „hipster entrepreneurs“, consultants expecting quick returns, entrepreneurial freshmen   

The High-Tech

  • Startup Commitment: full commitment to create a spin-off from all levels of the hierarchy
  • Transparency in terms of aspirations, expectations and support
  • Liquidity-friendly terms for accessing the IP
  • Outstanding, state-of-the art technology with global unfair advantage, deep intellectual property and a TRL of at least 6
  • Entrepreneurial Researchers: a team of researchers willing to back the external pioneers, or to become entrepreneurs themselves, full availability during program and beyond, ready to being challenged


Why should you spend time?

For High-Tech Owner

  • Business Acceleration: head into new markets at full speed, understand new customers and industries quickly and get access to a viable business model
  • Keep your "A" people: fully benefit from a spin-off, without necessarily losing your best researchers
  • Monetary returns: create the opportunity to gain from licensing revenues (short-term) as well as exit returns and dividends (long-term), instant access to venture capital
  • Mindset transfer: let your team of researchers closely accompany the pioneers and let them benefit from peer-learning


For Entrepreneurs

Get an exclusive and fast access to...

  • already working prototypes based upon years of technology development and defendable IP
  • proven use cases and customer needs due to close link of Fraunhofer to customers and markets
  • a tech team and really experienced researchers

Current Spin-Off Opportunities

Project Auto AR

Panoramic AR from Building Information Modeling (BIM) Data


A Game Changing Connectivity Solution for Global Internet of Things (IoT) Deployment


Collaborative Development of Production Systems

3D-Printed Electronics

Functional integration on 3D printed parts


Large area sensor systems for photovoltaic 


Heating Technology. This opportunity is provided by DLR.



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