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TECHBRIDGE | Accelerating Fraunhofer-Startup-Cooperations

TECHBRIDGE is the Open Innovation Plattform of Fraunhofer Venture focusing on collaborations within the broader startup ecosystem. For founding teams and startups external to Fraunhofer we offer a Hightech-Accelerator for Deeptech-collaborations. With ecosystem partners we conduct joint initiatives to foster Hightech venturing and provide complementary expertise and technological leverage to their activities.


Are you building your hightech venture and aim to leverage your business model via hightech? You have project ideas, well defined technology needs, missing technological knowhow on your team, need for Hightech infrastructure, etc.

Are you interested to explore how Fraunhofer could be a value adding partner to your solution and commercialisation?

Then, TechBridge is the right program for you! 


TECHBRIDGE lays the first building block for successful collaboration by connecting startups with Fraunhofer researchers to develop groundbreaking technologies.


TECHBRIDGE enables startups and researchers to work together on innovative and promising solutions and to further develop and commercialize them.


Financial support of up to 60,000€ and various workshop formats allow the cooperation projects to be quickly and efficiently established in the market.




TECHBRIDGE is the Open Innovation Platform of Fraunhofer Venture and promotes cooperation between startups and Fraunhofer researchers. The program offers a HighTech accelerator for DeepTech collaborations and carries out joint initiatives with Fraunhofer partners to provide complementary expertise and technological leverage for startup activities.




We connect founding teams and startups with Fraunhofer experts, technologies and infrastructures.




We leverage and accelerate startups through DeepTech collaborations with Fraunhofer.





We engage in joint initiatives with partners from the HighTech startup ecosystem.

How it works

1. INITIATIVES: We regularly organize and participate in startup initiatives like startup expos, tech marketplaces, startup scouting initiatives, matchmaking events, tech-nights, hackathons, etc. where you have the chance to get involved. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your requests for support or participation.


2. MATCHING: As a founding team or existing startup looking for a strong knowhow and technology partner we help you find your perfect match at our Fraunhofer Institutes. Fill out the form and start your cooperation agreement!


3. TECHBRIDGE HIGHTECH-ACCELERATOR: Our accelerator program implies to make you not only better via your deeptech collaboration, but also make your market launch of a joint solution faster. We offer various workshops on commercialization, co-creation, agile product development and collaboration design. Besides, the participants have the opportunity to win project budgets for the respective institute totaling up to €60,000. < < Click here, if you would like to apply for the program > >. Application for Batch VII is open until the 30th September.


4. TRANSFER & GO TO MARKET: It is essential to us, that you have a startup related contact with TechBridge at Fraunhofer even as an Alumni of of our Hightech-Accelerator. Depending on your situation, we aim to facilitate follow-on projects with our partners, other funding schemes - if applicable - and also to our external network of e.g. Business Accelerators, Investors and Corporates. In certain cases, we can link you to our Fraunhofer Technology Transfer Fund or our Company Builder AHEAD.

TECHBRIDGE Success Story

These and other startups have been sponsored by TECHBRIDGE...



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