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TechBridge | Fraunhofer-Startup-Cooperations

TechBridge  - The high-tech accelerator for deep-tech collaboration with startups


Are you looking for a technology-partner to further develop your product?

Would you like to collaborate with Fraunhofer? Then TechBridge is the right program for you!



An overview of TechBridge's offering


Tech- & Startup-Scouting

Are you a researcher and looking for the most skilled entrepreneurs for technology-based business development? We scout startups for specific tech-areas!


Fraunhofer-Startup Matching

Do you want to push your technology with Fraunhofer? We bring startups and entrepreneurs together with the leading tech-heads of Fraunhofer!!


Cooperation Accelerator

You have found a Fraunhofer researcher as your cooperation partner? Then apply to the cooperation accelerator TandemCamp and win individual coaching sessions and a project budget of up to €60,000!



Techbridge Tandem Process – Short & Crisp


1. INITIATIVES & MATCHING: We regularly organize matching events and startup initiatives where you have the chance to find your dedicated cooperation partner. In addition, as a founder or entrepreneur, you can be matched by us with a Fraunhofer Institute. Fill out the form and start your cooperation agreement!


2. COLAB ACCELERATOR: After a successful match, the Fraunhofer-startup-tandem has the opportunity to apply for the Cooperation Accelerator program of TechBridge (TandemCamp). This program not only offers various workshops on co-creation, agile product development and collaboration, but the participants also have the opportunity to win project budgets for the respective institute totaling up to €60,000. < < If you would like to be informed about the start of the next CoLab, please click here. > >


3. TRANSFER & GO TO MARKET: And even after the CoLab, TechBridge won't leave the Fraunhofer-startup-tandems alone! Depending on the need, individual sessions for the projects are offered, ranging from a specific MVP scoping to an optimization of the product and target group definition.

Techbridge Success Story

These and other startups have been sponsored by Techbridge ...



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