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The application phase for the TECHBRIDGE Cooperation Accelerator has started!

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TECHBRIDGE - The Accelerator for Researcher-Startup Cooperations

TECHBRIDGE - The HighTech Accelerator provided by Fraunhofer Venture supports and promotes cooperations between startups and Fraunhofer researchers.

TECHBRIDGE focuses on the mutual development of technologies and products as well as the further enhancement of business models. Hence, TECHBRIDGE is considered as a high-tech accelerator with a focus on collaborations between researchers and founders.

TECHBRIDGE enables the fast and effective promotion of cooperation projects for tandems (consisting of a startup & an institute). They not only have the chance to win project budgets of up to 60,000 EUR*, but will also learn through various workshop formats how agile cooperation between researchers and founders can be lived.

Seize the opportunity and win up to 60,000 EUR project budget* for your cooperation!

The TECHBRIDGE Accelerator offers the possibility to optimize and further develop innovative technologies.

In case of a successful application, you will receive:

  1. Project budgets for the joint cooperation of up to 60,000 EUR*.
  2. Cooperation, Product and Business Design Workshops
  3. Individual coaching of collaboration projects
  4. Access to Fraunhofer Venture and the Fraunhofer Technology Transfer Fund (FTTF)**

Who can participate?

Tandems, consisting of Fraunhofer researchers and startups, who work on a mutual project idea. This project idea must be jointly defined and focus on a technology transfer potential for the institute as well as on a commercialization potential for the startup.

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TECHBRIDGE Accelerator - In 5 steps to a successful cooperation!



The joint application for the TECHBRIDGE Accelerator is conducted online via the InnovationHub. In order to apply, you must first create an account.

The deadline for applications is September 30, 2019. More detailed information below, in the section "Further information on the application".



The program starts with a two-day workshop on October 10th and 11th in Berlin.

Eight selected tandems will receive a project budget of 10.000 EUR* for their cooperation until the DemoDay in December. The objective is to establish the cooperation, prepare a feasibility study and develop a demonstrator of the joint project.



After the first four weeks, there will be an individual status call in the period from 12th to 13th November to clarify the project progress.



The workshop will be held on 11 and 12 December 2019 in Munich.  

In the afternoon of December 12, 2019, the DemoDay will take place at the Fraunhofer headquarters in Munich. Here, the tandems will pitch their cooperation projects and fight for further project funding. The jury will award budgets of up to EUR 50,000* each.



The winning tandems will be supported in the commercialization of their cooperation results by TECHBRIDGE, Fraunhofer Venture and the Fraunhofer Technology Transfer Fund (FTTF)** regarding their needs and individual project durations.

Further information on the application

What should I include in my application?

The entire application for TECHBRIDGE is done online via the Fraunhofer tool "InnovationHub". For this purpose, an InnovationHub account must be created. The application can be processed and submitted by all Tandem members (Fraunhofer employees and founders). All subsequent content needs to be uploaded:

  1. Completed questionnaire: Information about the institute, the startup and the cooperation project is requested
  2. Uploaded Pitch Deck of the startup as a PDF file (see pitch-guideline)
  3. Uploaded project outline as a PDF file (see project outline)
  4. Confidentiality agreement signed by both parties
  5. Video recording of the presentation (max. 8 minutes): Project outline + startup pitch must be presented in a joint video by both parties. Since many teams are not located at the same location, the free-of-charge tool ZOOM can be used. (Video-Tutorial for the use of Zoom and for video recording of the presentation).


What are the evaluation criteria?   

  1. Basic requirement: Innovative high-tech cooperation project between a founding team and a Fraunhofer institute
  2. Commercialization of Fraunhofer technology is the goal of the cooperation
  3. Professional founding team, validated business model & high market potential
  4. Time resources & priority given on both sides (attendance on the workshop days is mandatory)

*Please note that the project budget to be acquired is made available to the institute via "internal cost allocation" and is not paid to the startup. For the startup, the budget is to be understood as a "cooperation voucher" for tech development at the respective institute.

That's what participants of previous TECHBRIDGE batches said


Startup Foldart, Gründerin Heidrun Keim


Fraunhofer IBMT, Dr. Michael Ehrhardt


Startup Apoqlar, CEO Sirko Pelzl


Fraunhofer MEVIS, Dr. Andrea Schenk

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