Fraunhofer Venture for Entrepreneurs

Fraunhofer Venture does not only support Fraunhofer scientists and their entrepreneurial endeavors but also offers companies - from academic project teams to startups, or small and medium sized companies - promising opportunities. Based on your business idea, we build up a business model together, develop a business plan, support you in complementing your, team and match you with required Fraunhofer technologies.

Which Format suits you best?

Business Modell Development

Would you like to develop a business model and team up with Fraunhofer researchers? Then, our FDays®, a 12-week lasting Fraunhofer acceleration program for business modelling and team formation activities, might be the right choice for you and your high-tech projects. Customer-oriented, agile, and focused towards market needs.

Company Building

You have an exiting technology that you would like to spin out? You are still looking for an experienced entrepreneur that supports you for your endeavor? Then, our High-Tech Pioneers program is best for you: Teams first. Technology second. That’s what it is all about. We connect you with experienced entrepreneurs.

Startup Cooperation with a Fraunhofer-Institute

You are working at a Fraunhofer-Institute and looking for promising market applications for your technologies? You are interested in startups as a partner for your technology commercialization? TechBridge can help you! Tech-Startups and Fraunhofer Institutes are matched and supported in joint projects through workshops and a project budget.

Innovation with SMEs

You are engaged at a Fraunhofer Institute and looking for promising market applications? You are interested in medium-sized companies („middle-class“) as a partner for your technology commercialization? Venture Connect can help you! Medium-sized companies and Fraunhofer Institutes are supported in identifying and valorizing their technologies.

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