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AHEAD | Company Building


AHEAD | Innovationmanager & Tech Scouting

Florian Ascherl

Phone +49 89 1205-4540
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AHEAD | Business Ideation & Promotors

Julia Bauer

Phone +49 89 1205-4531
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AHEAD | Team leader

Thorsten Lambertus

Phone +49 89 1205-4516
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AHEAD | Events

Antonia Lang

Phone +49 89 1205-4533
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AHEAD | Program-Design

Anna-Lena Schindl

Phone +49 89 1205-4532
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AHEAD | Markets & Partners

Lucas Siebeneicher

Phone +49 89 1205-4534
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AHEAD | Corporate Partners

Dominik Getzinger

Phone +49 89 1205-4541
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AHEAD acts as the new technology-transfer-program of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. It helps to get your project ready for the market and connects the most ambitious hightech entrepreneurs with yourself. As a team you will develop the hightech startups of the future: Learn more about AHEAD here!

TechBridge | Fraunhofer-Startup-Cooperations


TechBridge | Program Leader

Niels Dietzsch

Phone +49 89 1205-4535
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TechBridge | Program Manager

Chinyere Wirthmüller

Phone +49 89 1205-4539
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Support of cooperations of hightech-startups and Fraunhofer institutes by matchmaking, initiation formats, project financing and networks into the startup ecosystem.

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