Spin-off premium#

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Spin-off premium

Spin-offs are a strategic goal pursued by the Fraunhofer Society executive management and a potential way to bring research findings to the market. For the institute involved, however, spin-offs often mean the loss of employees and profit; there is typically a delay in realizing potential returns from the investment. We use easily trackable data to structure our spin-off premium  with an immediate financial impact at the institutes. 


The purpose behind our spin-off premium#


​Our Spin-offs involving Fraunhofer institutes are supported through spin-off premium.

  • Spin-offs are part of the Fraunhofer Society's strategy and the Fraunhofer institutes are encouraged to pursue this avenue for technology transfer  – despite any uncertainties that might be involved .
  • ​We offer our institutes a way to compensate for the loss of expertise that comes with employees transferring with the spin-off (resolving the conflict: spin-off <-> the institute's core business).

You can find sample calculations and more information on our point system on our intranet page (internal link).

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