From initial idea to exit: Your path from Fraunhofer researcher to successful founder

We'll help you along all the stages involved in starting your company.

Starting a company isn't easy even if you're a researcher with an innovative idea or have developed an exciting new technology. There's a lot that needs to be carefully thought through and planned before you get started, much like planning a mountain climbing expedition. We'll be there to help you start your journey – with our experienced coaches, effective sponsorship and funding programs and other partners from our extensive ecosystem. We act as the main point of contact to help researchers at the Fraunhofer Society who are interested in starting a business and assist them along the path to launching their technology company. And in some cases, we may even join you on your journey as a shareholder and co-investor.

Get ready to climb to the top

Get all the advice and information you need

  • Benefit from extensive consulting during the pre-start-up phase
  • Learn more about Fraunhofer's general conditions
  • Find out more about Fraunhofer Venture's offers


Get going with AHEAD

Be there when true entrepreneurial spirit meets high-tech

  • Work with our venture managers to create your business model
  • Test your product under market conditions from day 1
  • Work with experienced multi-company founders to build your team


Take the leap into running your own business


First stage: the spin-off

We'll help you get your company off the ground

  • Discover the best path for you as a Fraunhofer founder, with or without Fraunhofer as a shareholder and co-investor
  • We're your sparring partner when it comes to the financial and legal aspects of the start-up process
  • Your institute will receive a bonus for the spin-off to compensate for factors like the loss of expertise that goes along with you leaving


Take off with Fraunhofer investment

Fraunhofer as a shareholder

  • With Fraunhofer invested in your company, you're guaranteed access to a strong partner for the upcoming stages
  • We'll help you take the next steps like making adjustments to your company strategy and conducting funding rounds
  • As a shareholder, Fraunhofer also has the option to participate in company funding


Our funding partners will help take you closer to the peak

Take advantage or our extensive network

  • Accelerate your climb and bring in an investor
  • Regardless of whether Fraunhofer is invested in your company – we'll help you find the right funding partner
  • We'll put you in touch with our network of VCs, angel investors and strategic investors


The highlight of your journey: the exit

What is your goal?

Our own journey has been long but full of success. We've mastered many challenges. As soon as the technology transfer is complete, Fraunhofer starts working on an exit. Regardless whether you want to continue to grow your company or are interested in an exit, we're with you on this journey until the last steps have been taken. 

Want to take off with us?


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