CoLab - The HighTech Accelerator for Fraunhofer-Startup Cooperations

We connect deeptech startups and SMEs with Fraunhofer scientists and support the teams from idea to implementation.

Technology Matching

For start-ups, founders and SMEs

At Fraunhofer, we develop innovative technologies every day, which originate in state-of-the-art research facilities. As a founder, you can benefit from these technologies by saving not only time, but also valuable resources! Are you still missing the right technology for your product vision? Then we can help you with our Tech-Matching!

And this is how it works:

1. You tell us your technology needs (e.g. a special process, a special material, a specific component...).

2. We will find the right component for you from the 75 Fraunhofer Institutes, as well as the scientific expert for it.

3. Together you can qualify for the CoLab Accelerator.

Technology seeks Application

No idea but still want to found a business?

You don't have an idea, but want to start a high-tech startup? 

Here are some exciting technologies that are just waiting to be brought to market!

Our Fraunhofer CoLab - Accelerator

The HighTech Transfer Program for Fraunhofer Startup Cooperations

Fraunhofer startup collaborations have the opportunity to qualify for our Colab Accelerator. Benefit from our experience with over 100 Fraunhofer startup collaborations!

  • Receive valuable, methodical support for your cooperation project
  • Benefit from our network of experts, investors and industry partners
  • Get the chance to receive project funding of up to 155.000€ for the Fraunhofer Institute


Fraunhofer CoLab offers Fraunhofer startup collaborations methodological as well as financial support of up to 155,000€ project budget for the Fraunhofer Institute.


The next batch will start with a Kick-off Workshop on June, 29th 2023!

Therefore, register together as a Fraunhofer Startup Team until June, 22nd 2023!

Let our successful teams inspire you


Pointreef and Fraunhofer IPK

The digital future of measuring buildings: Fraunhofer IPK and Pointreef enable automated creation of digital twins for buildings


Mecorad and Fraunhofer IWU

Industry 4.0: The start-up Mecorad is developing a radar system for steel forming in cooperation with Fraunhofer IWU.


Monitorfish and Fraunhofer IGD-Rostock

Smart fish farming: On average, 40-100% of the fish in an aquaculture are getting lost. With Fraunhofer IGD-R, the startup Monitorfish has developed a solution to this problem.


Mecuris and Fraunhofer IPA

Orthopedic technology: Mecuris has already made it to one of the top 50 startups in Germany after only 4 years. Find out why!

The CoLab Team


Florian Ascherl

Head of Fraunhofer CoLab


Janis Kropp

Innovation Manager


Markus Neumeier

Innovation Manager


Chinyere Wirthmüller

Innovation Manager