The Fraunhofer Venture CoLab for Fraunhofer Institutes

Are you already in contact with a startup, with whom you are now looking to launch a cooperation project?

As a Fraunhofer scientist, are you keen to collaborate with innovative startups and discover how young companies will go about placing your technology on the market?

If so, you have come to the right place!


The benefits for Fraunhofer scientists at a glance: 

  • Gain access to innovative business models and application scenarios for your technology
  • Become part of the founder ecosystem and the Fraunhofer Venture network
  • Receive financial support and assistance with the methodology for implementing technology transfer
  • Receive assistance with spin-off activities and licensing
  • Gain the opportunity to collaborate with startups and apply their agile methods 

Your route to successful cooperation with a startup


Initiating Fraunhofer cooperation projects

  • Identify a commercializable technology
  • Find the right startup partner and market for your technology and jointly explore how to progress to the out-licensing stage


Putting cooperation and tech transfer into action

  • Your tandem will be mentored by experts who specialize in market-, product-, and team-related matters as well as institute-specific ones
  • Integrate existing Fraunhofer technology into the core product of the startup
  • Clarify rudimentary legal matters


Fully engage in cooperation and tech transfer

  • Get your joint product ready for the market
  • Work together with our experienced venture managers to fine-tune your framework conditions for the license agreement
  • In this way, you can help create a Fraunhofer spin-off (without having to leave the institute)

If you have any other queries, please get in touch!