CoLab - The HighTech Accelerator for Fraunhofer-Startup Cooperations

To ensure that you progress in a goal-oriented manner, our program design is flexible and tailored to the individual knowledge and needs of each tandem.


The CoLab Accelerator begins with the CoLab Prepare Phase, which usually lasts 8 weeks and during which you will be given tools and methods in two workshops - the Kick-off Workshop and the Review Workshop - to lay an efficient foundation for your cooperation project. In addition, a CoLab coach will be on hand to help you with your individual questions.

The Fraunhofer Institute will also receive the first € 5,000 of the project budget if you successfully present your cooperation idea.

Once you successfully complete this phase, you will gain access to the Fraunhofer Company Building Program AHEAD, which is divided into 2 phases.  For the first phase you apply after a 4-day bootcamp within the CoLab Prepare phase. If you are accepted, you will not only receive an additional project budget of €50.000 for the Fraunhofer Institute, but also access to workshops, coaching sessions and networking events. Within the AHEAD Phase 1 you will receive comprehensive support to evaluate whether the Fraunhofer technology can be integrated into your product.


After about 6 months or even earlier - depending on when you have validated your cooperation idea - you can apply for the second AHEAD phase. In this phase everything is about implementing the technology transfer quickly and efficiently. If your application is successful, you will receive another €100.000 project budget for the institute and special workshops & individual coaching sessions.