The Fraunhofer Venture CoLab for startups & founder teams

We pair young companies and founder teams with the perfect Fraunhofer technology for their product vision, making sure that they can bring it to market quickly and efficiently by working in tandem. Our desire is to collaborate with you on equal terms, and make cooperation with our 75 Fraunhofer Institutes easier for you.

Are you from a founder team or startup with an innovative product vision and a desire to bring it to market, but have not yet found the fundamental technology you need?


If so, you have come to the right place!


The benefits for you at a glance:

  • We will provide you with access to our 75 Fraunhofer Institutes and their technologies
  • We will connect you to the right Fraunhofer experts as quickly as humanly possible
  • We will provide you with the support you need to further your project effectively in conjunction with our institutes
  • Integrate cutting-edge technology from the Fraunhofer ecosystem into your product
  • We will help you to make cooperation with our institutes as smooth and straightforward as possible
  • In tandem with your partner institute, you can qualify for the Fraunhofer Venture AHEAD building program
  • Benefit from our Fraunhofer Venture network by connecting with partners such as FTTF or HTGF

Your route to successful cooperation with Fraunhofer:


Initiating Fraunhofer cooperation projects

  • Define your specific technology need
  • Complete our matching form to get paired quickly using our structured approach
  • Find the right cooperation partner for you
  • Receive important information on collaborating with Fraunhofer Matching Form




Putting cooperation and tech transfer into action

  • Your tandem will be mentored by experts who specialize in market-, product-, and team-related matters as well as institute-specific ones
  • Integrate existing Fraunhofer technology into your core product
  • Clarify rudimentary legal matters


Fully engage in cooperation and tech transfer

  • Get your product market ready and fully engage in collaboration with Fraunhofer
  • Work together with our experienced venture managers to fine-tune your framework conditions for the license agreement
  • In this way, you can become a Fraunhofer spin-off and benefit from our network of investors 

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