Andreas Aepfelbacher

Deputy Head of Fraunhofer Venture & Team Leader - Investment Manager

Andreas Aepfelbacher is the Deputy Director of Fraunhofer Venture and is in charge of the business administration staff. He joined Fraunhofer Venture in February 2002 after spending time working in controlling at Messe München GmbH and as a project developer and investment controller at a leading company of RWE-Umwelt AG. Andreas Aepfelbacher became a CFA Institute Charterholder in 2007 after completing his studies in forestry/environmental protection engineering and business administration at LMU in Munich and the Technical University of Munich as well as a program at the distance-learning university FernUniversität Hagen.

Current investment portfolio

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB 

Diamond Materials GmbH

Enerthing GmbH

Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH

JenaValve Technology Inc.

Mondas GmbH

NexWafe GmbH


RESprotect GmbH

Solar Info Center GmbH

Vallis Solaris d.o.o.

Successful exits

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH


CFH Freiburg GmbH

CFV Solar Test Laboratory Inc.

DCPG - Digital Content Portal Germany GmbH

Dolby Sweden AB

EdgeWave GmbH

EpiNova GmbH

FluIT Biosystems GmbH

German Carbon Teterow GmbH

inno-shape GmbH

MusicTrace GmbH

Philips Extreme UV GmbH

Picus GmbH

Soitec Solar GmbH

SolarSpring GmbH

Sports Index GmbH

STILE - Pôle des Eco-Industries de Poitou-Charentes


Vis-à-pix GmbH