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The foundation and establishment of a successful company requires more than an innovative idea or technology.

As a partner of start-up companies, Fraunhofer institutes, the industrial sector and investors, we support foundation-willing scientists from the Fraunhofer environment with our know-how and utilize our network for a successful technology transfer.

“Enabling Innovation” – How to Optimize Capabilities to Innovate

“Enabling Innovation” is the new project to support Fraunhofer Institutes in analyzing and sustainably advancing their capabilities to innovate. At the core of the project is an internal workshop. In this interview Andreas Aepfelbacher, deputy manager of “Spin-offs and Shareholding Management”, and Stefan Block, technology transfer manager, explain how the management tool works and how significant technology transfer is for the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.


What are the aims of the “Enabling Innovation” project?

Stefan Block: The project's aim is to find out which factors within an institute are relevant for its ability to innovate and how these factors may be promoted. The project considers many different aspects: from human resources management to how customer relations are established and maintained to how synergies are used.

Andreas Aepfelbacher: Furthermore, the innovation output is also to be considered, that is: How is the institute organized in terms of innovation ability? What are the established processes? What are the results of technology transfer that are already visible today? These are the questions that should be answered.

Stefan Block: And if the institute management knows about the current situation, they are in the position to assess how processes – in the sense of the institute's strategy – should be managed and designed in the future.


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