Start-up support and advice

The Fraunhofer Society supports spin-off concepts focused on marketing or th technologies primarily developed by a Fraunhofer institute. Fraunhofer Venture manages the spin-off and investment process. Our services include comprehensive support and advice before, during and after the start-up phase.

Spin-off support

Spin-offs enable businesses with promising concepts to realize their products on the basis of Fraunhofer technologies. Fraunhofer Venture supports and advises the Fraunhofer institutes and their employees in all matters pertaining to start-ups and the start-up process.

  • General advice for perspective founders and the institute with which they are working
  • Assistance with content and the process involved in spin-off projects:
    • Basic assessment and critique of the business idea and the technology's innovative power
    • Analysis of customer benefit, market potential, management team, launch strategy, etc.
    • Ongoing optimization of the business model, strategy and business plan
    • Coordinating Fraunhofer Society's involvement in the start-up process
    • Assistance with the legal structuring of spin-offs and technology transfer
  • Advising and review of spin-off projects in terms of compliance with the Fraunhofer Society's specific general conditions

Investment preparation

Within the context of supporting the spin-off process, we assess whether the Fraunhofer Society is interested in participating in the spin-off. If so, in addition to its involvement in the technology, Fraunhofer will also be involved in the spin-off as a shareholder. The spin-off benefits from the fact that, as a shareholder, the Fraunhofer Society is interested in the long-term performance of the business.

  • Review and assessment of business concepts and preparation for investment decisions by the Fraunhofer Society
  • Assistance in drafting contracts (including involvement of the relevant departments)
  • Convening and coordinating the investment committee and involving the executive board in matters pertaining to spin-offs and investments

Different spin-off options at Fraunhofer

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