Fraunhofer IKTS spin-off Nicoustic secures 25 MNOK for piloting of non-intrusive vessel level monitoring technology

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Nicoustic AS has secured close to 25 mNOK (~2,3 m€) in seed funding to accelerate commercialization of a novel sensor system for non-intrusive measurement of level in process vessels based on Guided Ultrasonic Waves.

The funding consists of soft funding granted by the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway, a convertible loan provided by Equinor Ventures, and an equity investment made by CoFounder, Fraunhofer Venture, employees and local investors.

»We are excited about the speed of Nicoustic in generating valuable leads into the market and securing funding for the next steps« – says Christian Wunderlich, Deputy Institute Director at Fraunhofer IKTS.

»Equinor Ventures is encouraged by the progress the team has made in the few months since the inception of the company. The pipeline of potential applications for the technology is growing continuously and we look forward to the piloting and technology qualification phases« – says Lars Klevjer, Head of Equinor Ventures.

The funding will be used to finance R&D, trials, and business development efforts necessary to release the final commercial product and to add new features that will provide added value and business opportunities as well as to secure a broad market penetration necessary for future growth.

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Nicoustic's technology is based on 20 years of research at Fraunhofer IKTS

Nicoustic sensor technology has created a lot of traction with the future customers in the industry since the company was founded in June 2022 based on many years of research at Fraunhofer IKTS and an innovation challenge formulated by Equinor. Accurate measurement of levels in process vessels is a challenge in many applications, ranging from separation and storage vessels on offshore oil & gas platforms to process vessels in biorefineries. The challenge can be explained by the fact that probes and sensors that need to be mounted on the inside of process equipment are subject to harsh conditions and thus are prone to failures. Installing and maintaining intrusive level measurement systems also requires process shutdown – a challenge, considering that this is only performed once in several years for many applications. A non-intrusive level measurement system from Nicoustic does not have these drawbacks.

»We are extremely proud to have partners like Equinor, Fraunhofer IKTS and CoFounder supporting us to bring Nicoustic's game-changing technology to the global market in 2024. With the new funding in place, we are able to further strengthen our team and accelerate the commercialization process« – says Jan Biti, CEO of Nicoustic.