Connecting the Dots for Future Tech-Startups: Our AHEAD Pull-Workshop at a Glance

The tech-business of the future will combine the world’s leading science & technology sources and outstanding entrepreneurial capabilities – and you could be part of it. Last Monday, the AHEAD-Team kicked off a pull-workshop with scientists and entrepreneurs to create dedicated matching and collaboration opportunities for future ventures – here is how a pull-workshop connects stat-ups / entrepreneurs and Fraunhofer Technology:

1. Tech-scouting: finding the perfect match of start-ups and Fraunhofer Tech

Prior to our pull workshop, our tech scouts select start-ups and business challenges where Fraunhofer-technology and IP provides promising solutions or a tech-upgrade to the next level. This pre-selection ensures a high success rate of our collaboration teams. If you are a scientist reaching out for business partners for your tech, or if you are an entrepreneur / start-up founder with a significant tech-challenge, feel free to contact us. Our team will get back to you with selected collaboration suggestions and scenarios for future cooperation.

2. Meet your tech-match at the pull-workshop

The bigger your challenge, the better your match-making should be – and this is what we are thriving for. A perfect match between a startup and a research-team has to work on three different levels:

  • The tech-match: We are not scanning technology per se, but tech-based solutions for a clearly defined technological challenge.
  • The personal match: Technology is only as good as the operating team, who makes it a real business case. We therefore start team-building even before you meet your team-mates at Fraunhofer to ensure a great teamplay.
  • The business match: Our goal is to empower deeptech venture projects/ tech-transfer-projects – therefore, we have only one working business model: win-win. To our cooperation teams we provide legal counsel, unique opportunities to work with Fraunhofer labs and facilities and close working relations to the Fraunhofer Technology Transfer Funds (FTTF) as a possible investment partner. Our revenue on cooperation is a joint path to scale and grow on both sides.

3. Start working on a “joint venture” at the AHEAD-Bootcamp

The pull-workshop paves the way for a startup-career in the AHEAD-program of Fraunhofer Venture. You are the expert for your technology or your market – our AHEAD-program is there to scale up your business. We aim to build a tech-based fast track towards the next level of business growth and development for both, scientists and external entrepreneurs / start-ups.