Entrepreneurial DNA is a Fraunhofer heritage. Are you a science entrepreneur?

June 23, 2020

At first sight, reseachers and startup-entrepreneurs seem to work at different ends of the value chain: While researchers solve sophisticated technical problems through forward-looking technologies, startups pilot practicable market solutions for real customer problems. But the reality at Fraunhofer is quite different and even Joseph von Fraunhofer himself started a successful business based on his groundbreaking findings in the field of optics.

In our experience, many scientists have more hidden entrepreneurial DNA than they would ever expect – and our AHEAD-Program is designed to bring your entrepreneurial talent to light. Here’s a quick check of your entrepreneurial mind-set. Try and find out your personal readiness to join us at our next AHEAD-Bootcamp in September 2020:

  • Curiosity and passion for innovation drives you in your research work and beyond: A research project is always a start for you to explore reallife applications and solutions to business and societal problems.
  • You are a research-network-builder and your lab or workplace is a platform to connect the dots. You share and discuss findings and to create feedback as a learning momentum and a chance to integrate new perspectives.
  • You love pushing things forward together and get impowered by a shared team spirit. Teams you join are more than the sum of single personalities and competences.
  • Critical feedback and operational fails can’t stop you. They mark challenges to find new solutions, reflect your assumptions and if necessary, pivot your approach.
  • You are a master in combining scientific precision with an agile working culture. Operational flexibility and straight strategic long-term thinking are two sides of the same coin for you.
  • Thinking in terms of funding or business approaches is a natural habit for you in your daily research work and beyond. Feasibility is your second name.
  • You don’t take unnecessary risks – but you know that new ways always need to deal with risks – and you are the one to cope with them.
  • You work in a dynamic circle of think-and-do. Vision and execution are the driving wheels of your personal workstyle and decision making based on sufficient information is a standard for you.
  • You have a product idea or a vision of a tech-based solution that might solve a substantial problem and you are eager to check out business perspectives.

If you have answered five or more questions with “Yes”, get in touch with us and check-out opportunities to start a new tech-business. There are many ways to be a great scientist, but there is only one way to start a career in your own spinoff business or find a perfect partner start-up:Try and find out.

Check out your personal opportunities and apply here for the next AHEAD-Bootcamp in September 2020.