For Fraunhofer researchers

From researcher to entrepreneur

From researcher to entrepreneur


Founding a company is not easy even if our researchers developed an innovative idea or an exciting technology. Many things have to be considered and planned in advance.

The Fraunhofer Venture department is the central point of contact for researchers within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft who want to start-up a business and supports them on the way to a joint technology company. Researchers with entrepreneurial thinking are supported by systematically reducing the uncertainties linked to starting up a business step by step as well as by providing experienced coaches and development programs that continuously accompany the spin-off process.

Below you will find an overview of interesting Fraunhofer Venture services for our researchers:


Development programs for Fraunhofer researchers



Pre-qualification program

Business Ideation

Fraunhofer employees develop business ideas and test them for their effective customer benefit.


Business model development


Fraunhofer Days: Acceleration mode with transfer option for selected employees with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Business plan development


Fraunhofer Fosters Entrepreneurs: Internal development program for supporting the preparations for founding a Fraunhofer spin-off.


Management boost


Fraunhofer Fosters Management: Financial support for Fraunhofer investments for completing important management competences.

Services for Fraunhofer researchers


Spin-off support

In the context of supporting spin-offs and investments, Fraunhofer Venture manages the alignment of the overall spin-off concept to the specific conditions of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.


Investment preparation

Within the scope of the start-up process it is examined whether the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will invest in the spin-off.


Press & Newsletter

Current press releases and the newsletter from Fraunhofer Venture and our spin-offs.


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