Current Fraunhofer investments promoting technology transfer

Golden ideas and successful entrepreneurs: Fraunhofer invests in these high-tech start-ups! Learn about our current investments in our portfolio and get to know the founders.

Our portfolio at a glance


Fraunhofer IOSB-AST spin-off

Ampeers Energy GmbH

Ampeers Energy develops intelligent software solutions to economically integrate renewable energies into a consisting system. Therefore it plays a major role in the change of the industry of energy. As digital enabler Ampeers Energy creates new and decentral business modells in the energy sector.


Fraunhofer IFAM spin-off

Bio-Gate AG

Bio-Gate is a medical technology company that uses unique, silver-based technologies to make materials and products antimicrobial. The company focuses on products in the field of medical technology, but it also uses its technologies to enhance cosmetic products as well as consumer and industrial products.


Fraunhofer EMB spin-off

CELLBOX Solutions GmbH

Fraunhofer EMB spin-off Cellbox Solutions GmbH was established in Lübeck in 2016 and specializes in innovative supply chain solutions for the global biotech sector. The product, the first ever self-sufficient and portable CO2 incubator, is a joint development and provides a safe environment for the transport of living cells and biological structures under laboratory conditions.


Fraunhofer IPK spin-off

clous GmbH

Corporations use expensive solutions to increase their efficiency. Most companies are denied access to this. clous make the engineering of the future possible for everyone. Hybrid process automation with clous.


Fraunhofer IST spin-off

Condias GmbH

CONDIAS specializes in the production and implementation of diamond-coated electrodes and is the market leader in this field in terms of technology and quality. The company's products include technology for environmentally friendly and effective water treatment. The procedure is based on diamond coatings that enable completely new electrochemical reactions.


Fraunhofer IAIS spin-off

Convit GmbH

Convit GmbH is a provider of big data integration and analytics software, assisting companies when it comes to digitalizing and optimizing data-intensive business processes. Convit also simplifies access to information from very different sources, using AI-based analytical methods to increase data quality. Clients benefit from a comprehensive microservice stack that can be extended for specific applications...


Fraunhofer IGD spin-off

ConWeaver GmbH

CONWEAVER develops and distributes software solutions for dynamic linking of heterogeneous enterprise data across system, language and process boundaries. The company's unique analysis and integration system automatically creates data networks based on business-critical data, enabling a new level of data transparency and reducing complexity, thereby accelerating information transfer.


Fraunhofer EAS (IIS) spin-off

COSEDA Technologies GmbH

COSEDA Technologies improves the efficiency and practical applicability of modern system design, modeling, simulation and verification methods. The main focus of COSEDA Technologies GmbH's business model is on the distribution of the COSIDE® software. The company sells COSIDE® in the form of temporary single-user licenses including support services.  


Fraunhofer SIT spin-off

CoSee GmbH

CoSee develops and distributes search and security services for online digital media. The company also offers general IT services and products, particularly in the areas of media, security, research and development. Their product portfolio includes applications (Java, web, Android, iOS) aimed at media and publishing companies for distributing and securing audio books, ebooks, etc.


Fraunhofer IPA spin-off

Data Coffee GmbH

Our goal: the availability of machine data is as natural as a coffee break. And with our software, setting up and adjusting data connections is also just as easy. Whether individual controllers or the entire machine park, our solution supports you in implementing your data streams quickly and flexibly. Start your digital future together with us.


Fraunhofer cross-institute project with IAO / ISST/ IESE / FOKUS / IOSB-INA

Daten-Kompetenzzentrum Städte und Regionen DKSR GmbH

DKSR supports all cities and regions in their data-based development into sustainable smart communities. With its open source data platform and the networking of partners, DKSR creates nationwide scalability and synergy effects.


Fraunhofer IAF spin-off

Diamond Materials GmbH

Diamond Materials GmbH was founded 11 years ago and specializes in designing and developing microwave plasma reactors for diamond CVD as well as in the synthesis of high-purity diamond discs. The latter are used as output couplers and mirrors in CO2 high-power lasers but also as membranes in high-end speaker systems.


Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

Enerthing GmbH

Enerthing GmbH develops flexible solar panels to replace one-way batteries and cables in electronic components, sensors and small devices. The goal is to reduce installation and maintenance costs as well as environmental impact.


Fraunhofer FEP spin-off


Development, advancement and commercialization of the E-VITA technology for electron treatment of seeds as well as construction and distribution of equipment for this purpose.


Fraunhofer ILT spin-off

Inmatech Inc.

Inmatech develops next generation supercapacitor devices that incorporate low-cost, high-performance materials for energy-storge in industrial environments. Inmatech's products are based on a unique cell design that enables higher energy density, extending the cycle lives and range of batteries in hybrid energy storage systems.


Fraunhofer IIS spin-off

Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH IZT

IZT's key technologies are radio frequency and microwave technology in combination with state-of-the-art digital signal processing. IZT operates worldwide as a supplier of equipment and systems for industrial and government customers.


Fraunhofer IOF spin-off

JenaValve Technology, Inc.

Over the past decade, TAVI (Transcatheter Aortiv Valve Implantation) has become an established alternative to heart surgery for high-risk patients. Building on this innovation, two professors from the Jena University Hospital founded JenaValve Technologies in 2006 with the goal of developing a new generation of transapical and transfemoral implants.


Fraunhofer IIS spin-off

Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center Gmb

The Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center supports and advises manufacturers of patient-centric digital health innovations on efficient and effective go-to-market in the German healthcare market.


Fraunhofer IPA spin-off

Mojin Robotics GmbH

The robot developed by Mojin Robotics GmbH is based on a combination of semantic dialog systems and artificial intelligence, implementing unique technology to make everyday life easier and improve quality of living and working conditions. The company's objective is to integrate smart robot tech as it is currently used in factories into daily life situations, offering intuitive and natural user interfaces.


Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

Mondas GmbH

Mondas GmbH is the developer of the mondas® system platform, a high-performance web tool for data collection and analytics. The platform makes it possible to monitor numerous similar energy systems and production facilities as well as conduct time and cost-efficient building management.


Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

NexWafe GmbH

NexWafe GmbH's objective is to market a technology developed by Fraunhofer ISE for the production of epitaxial silicon wafers for the solar sector. As a manufacturer of high-quality, cost-efficient silicon wafers, NexWafe helps reduce solar energy costs and improves the sustainability of solar modules.


Fraunhofer IKTS spin-off

Nicoustic AS

Nicoustic – headquartered in Trondheim, Norway – is a spin-off company from Fraunhofer IKTS in Dresden. The company has the ambition to become a global provider of acoustic level monitoring and integrity solutions for pressure vessels, allowing operators to reduce maintenance costs, optimize production and improve safety.


Fraunhofer IZI spin-off

PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals GmbH

PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals is developing an innovative anti-infective designed not only to treat but also to eradicate periodontitis, an inflammatory gum disease caused by bacteria. The newly developed, selective, small-molecule drugs target only the disease-causing bacteria without affecting commensal bacteria.


Fraunhofer IVV spin-off

Prolupin GmbH

Prolupin GmbH was founded as a Fraunhofer spin-off in 2010 with the purpose of marketing an innovative, patented way to produce plant-based proteins for the food industry. In addition to its B2B business, the company entered the B2C segment in 2015, marketing its own products based on a unique lupine protein isolate (LPI) made from sweet blue lupine, a traditional German legume, under the MADE WITH LUVE umbrella brand.


Fraunhofer ISE spin-off


PSE AG is a solar technology company with expertise in planning and implementing test rigs, software development and managing international conferences.  Solar research, product development and the use of solar energy are growing at an increasingly rapid pace. The PSE AG team uses its extensive expertise to drive this trend forward.



Fraunhofer IDMT Spin-off

Psoido GmbH

Psoido protects privacy and corporate know-how with unique pseudonymization and anonymization. The automated methods allow iterative anonymization of data sets and differentiated analysis of non-traceable virtual IDs. In this way, Psoido creates trust in the exchange of sensitive data: for new data-based business models and to safeguard investments.


Fraunhofer SCAI spin-off

scapos AG

scapos AG was founded in 2009 and helps research institutes and SMEs distribute their software products. The company relies on a global network of distribution partners, which enables the distribution of its partners' innovative solutions in growth markets like Asia.


Fraunhofer IPMS spin-off

Schnell LiFi GmbH

Production, distribution, customer support of LiFi products. R&D of LiFi products and definition of standards & regulatory framework.


Fraunhofer EAS (IIS) spin-off

Sensry GmbH

Sensry GmbH develops sensor modules for future IOT applications. Sensry's Universal Sensor Platform (USeP) provides high flexibility thanks to its standardized, highly integrated and modular build using the leading-edge technologies of renowned industry partners. As a result, the company is able to provide customizable sensor nodes with flexible, customer-specific features for sensor and communication solutions.


Fraunhofer IMWS spin-off

SmartMembranes GmbH

SmartMembranes GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer of nanoporous and macroporous highly ordered membranes as well as aluminum oxide and silicon templates with customizable membrane properties and structural parameters. The company not only manufactures materials according to client request but also develops new processes and products in addition to its core business activities.


Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

Solar Info Center GmbH ISE

Solar Info Center GmbH is responsible for rentals, technical building support and management as well as janitor services and center service at the Solar Info Center Freiburg. In addition, it advises on the development of innovative theme centers and technology parks around the topic of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Germany and abroad.


Fraunhofer IWMS spin-off

SpinPlant GmbH

As an R&D company in the field of regenerative medicine, SpinPlant GmbH develops biocompatible collagen nanofibers using a unique electrospinning process. The new technology enables improved cell adhesion, cell colonization and cell cultivation and is a new innovation on the market. SpinPlant nanofibers can be used in orthopedics, tissue engineering and tissue repair.


Fraunhofer FEP spin-off

Strahltechnologie Dresden GmbH

Strahltechnologie Dresden GmbH is a service provider for industrial electron beam solutions, particularly electron beam welding and electron beam hardening.


Fraunhofer IVV spin-off

Sunbloom Proteins GmbH

Elosun GmbH produces plant-based proteins based on sunflowers. The protein is marketed to the food industry under the SUNBLOOM brand as a replacement for ingredients like eggs. The company's objective is to establish SUNBLOOM as a strong alternative to other plant-based proteins like soy, wheat and peas.


Fraunhofer IGD spin-off

Threedy GmbH

Threedy is a spin-off of Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt to commercialize its instant3Dhub platform. This platform mainly supports visualization, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications and will initially serve companies in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries as well as users of Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions.


Fraunhofer IMS spin-off

TriDiCam GmbH

TriDiCam GmbH distributes 3D sensors and special automization systems starting at batch-size 1.


Fraunhofer IEM & ISID spin-off

Two Pillars GmbH

Two Pillars GmbH integrates system design with project management. iQUAVIS brings it all together: system design and technical project management. iQUAVIS is based on simple system modeling without a visible SysML. The system allows customers to model complex products intuitively and with ease as if they were using an Office application, without the need for SysML or other modeling languages.

Fraunhofer ISE spin-off

Vallis Solaris d.o.o.

Green energy made in Croatia. Based on a research project by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems for the development of solar modules, the objective of Vallis Sollaris d.o.o. is to export low-cost eco-power from Croatia to Central Europe.


Fraunhofer IPA spin-off

VFK Virtual Fort Knox AG

Virtual Fort Knox AG (VFK) was founded by Fraunhofer IPA and  Hewlett-Packard GmbH. The company strives to bridge the gap between providers of IT solutions for corporate/manufacturing applications and end users. VFK provides an interface between physical production and the digital world.


Fraunhofer IPA spin-off

Vibrosonic GmbH

Vibrosonic GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes high-fidelity hearing solutions for all levels of hearing impairment. The company's systems are based on the Vibrosonic actor, a cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA and the very first hearing aid speaker realized using micro system technology.


Fraunhofer IGD spin-off

Visometry GmbH

Visometry GmbH is a start-up business and a Fraunhofer spin-off in the field of augmented reality, enabling technologies, services and special solutions. The company was spun off from Fraunhofer IGD in 2017 with the founder and the whole team having gathered years of experience in the relevant fields. VisionLib enables augmented reality tracking at an industrial scale. The engine enables multi-object tracking from CAD to AR in an automized workflow.   


Fraunhofer HHI spin-off

Volucap GmbH

Volucap GmbH's Volucap Studio technology enables realistic 3D scanning of people and objects to create structured and animated 3D surfaces using smart software algorithms. Volucap Studio marks the beginning of a new age where visual content is no longer restricted to screens, digital humans become reality and viewers can actively participate in digital worlds.  


Fraunhofer IGD spin-off

wetransform GmbH

wetransform GmbH enables agile and efficient standard development and implementation. Based on the company's data harmonization software hale»studio, the spin-off hale»connecthas developed the world's first transformation platform  that experts can use to collaborate with other experts in modeling, transforming and publishing data in line with common standards.